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Virus Quick Edit v 1.3.5

Download (255 kb)

ScreenShot1 Virus QuickEditor front panel
ScreenShot2 VQ's the Librarian
ScreenShot3 VQ's Virus Breeder Module

Virus Quickeditor v 1.3.5

Virus Quickeditor is a freeware.
It's harmless, but use it at your
own risk. I will NOT be responsible
for any kind of loss, liabilities
and damages whatsoever
that Virus Quickeditor is a part of.

If you want to include this freeware into
a CD ROM, please write me for permission.


Virus QuickEditor is an editor for
Access Virus b Synthesizer with OS4.

It's designed to help you edit patches very easily
while you are sequencing on each channel. You can also play your
sounds without the need of an external MIDI keyboard.

With Hubi's Loopback device installed, you can use the
Virus Quick Editor to record notes and patch parameter changes.


- Edit all Single's parameters
- 2 octave built-in keyboard (zsxdcvgbhnjm,l.;/ is octave one q2w3er5t6y7ui9o0p[=] is octave two, F3,F4 is octave transpose F7,F8 is semi transpose, NumPad 0-9 is keyboard mode)
- Virus Breeder and Patch shaker algorithmically create new sounds from scratch or based on existing sounds

- Operate in Single and MultiSingle Mode: In MultiSingle, VQ helps keep tracks of the Arrangement's Singles you are working on
- Read and Write Single sysex files (267 bytes) and .MID files
- Single data file browser allows you to easily browse through many patches in a .MID or .SYX file without the need of a sequencer
- Load and Save Arrangement (16 part Single) sysex file
- Patch Librarian
- Automatically put patches into the right channel regardless of the channel defined in the Single's sysex data
- Checksum problem free
- OS4 compatible
- Complete Definables parameters
- The parameters' values refresh as you tweak the Virus' knobs
- Send Template Single data
- Midi In LED

- Unused parameters are displayed in gray font
- Black and White screen mode

norsez orankijanan