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High Strings
All sounds are recorded pretty quiet and dry (no additional effects).
Clicks and pops in the clips are inherent in the instruments' signal paths.

Listen without prejudice:
These five clips are just a fragment of all my experiments on how to make a convincing
high strings sound
with the Virus b. My conclusion is that this is the area where
the Virus doesn't excel. The problem seems to lie in the Virus' quality of oscillators.
Even with 21 oscillators of PWM waves (which normally sounds wider than plain saw waves)
the Virus' strings sound doesn't sound as wide as eight plain saw waves detuned unevenly on Reaktor.
Of which is not a surprise, since the Virus b offers as many features as the Q or the SuperNova
who use more DSP chips. The Virus doesn't seem to invest its DSP poower the most in the oscillators.
The Virus' mysterious clicks and pops seem to occur more often whenever there is a lot of processing going on
as you can hear in these clips. (Some calculations takes up much more DSP power than others
Two classic expensive calcution examples are oscillators and reverbs.)
But that is perfect fine. For it's just one area that the Virus falls short. Nothing is perfect.
Nevertheless I still love the Virus as long as it can give me fat lead like this.

  • raptor's wish dry
  • raptor's wish wet
  • patch file is here (.MID)

  • Some vocoder sounds
  • helping verbs (65 kb)
  • I am a robot (13 kb)
  • Hello Spaceboy (27 kb)
  • Hi Yes No Okay (24 kb)

    This is a cover of an oldie that I made for a contest that's coming up. It's 100% Virus b.

  • Classic Mono PWM drone lead a popular sound used in trance
  • this patch and midi sequence .MID
  • Plucking synth a la "Toca Me"
    That haunting muted Stratocaster guitar sound (according to Eugene) in Toca's Miracle

  • Pizzicato that Faithless' Pizzicato sound in Insomaniac
  • the patch is here .MID

  • Hollow House Bass
  • NEW Bow Bow
  • This patch is here
  • 808.mp3 (54 kb)
  • 808waves.mid (9742 bytes)

  • TB-303 (1.8 Mb) some rendering of the most cliche' pallettes of TB-303's sound
  • TB-303 patch
  • Some hard sound

  • Sub bass (42 kb)
    str1 High range orch Strings
    str2 ARP Solina style Strings

    Compression on a synth line
  • no compression (540 kb)
  • with compression (556 kb)
  • Nylon guitar (540kb)
    This snipplet is by Ben of Crane Music.