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General MIDI sound set for Proteus Project

This is a collaboration among the Proteus 2000 mailling list members
in order to create a General MIDI sound set for the Proteus 2000. The
GM sound set will be programmed by volunteer list members and will
be available for download free of charge after finished.

Right now we are still in need of more volunteer programmers. If you
are willing to program any section of the GM sound set, please email me.

Below is the status of the GM sound set:
No. Patch names Programmer Status


Acoustic Grand Piano - Vibraphone
Marimba - Tango Accordian
Soprano Sax - Ocarina
Fantasia - Star Theme

Ian Harris (I need your address here)
Ed Oviedo
Steve Ginn
Norsez Orankijanan
Riffs by Robin Chard

In progress
In progress
In progress

***Meanwhile, you can now try Paul Stephen Young's alpha GM sound set
for the Proteus 2000 at

Preset: JVtemplate
Description: A rough template for programming the Proteus 2000 in the Roland Super JV/XP synth style. This should help programming GM patches.

Below is the patchcord settings that emulate key Super JV/XP synth parameters.

1. Velocity-Amplitude Sensitivity
2. Velocity-Filter Sensitivity
3. Filter Envelope Amount
4. Filter Keyboard Tracking
5. Time-Amplitude Envelope Keyboard Tracking
6. Pan Keyboard Tracking
7. Pan Random
8. Pitch (AUX) Envelope Amount
9. LFO1 - Pitch
10. LFO1 - Amplitude
11. LFO2 - Cutoff
12. LFO2 - Pan
13. LFO1 fade (uses AUX Envelope)
14. LFO2 fade (uses AUX Envelope)
15. Pitch Random
16. MIDI A -> Cutoff
17. MIDI B -> Resonance
18. MIDI C -> Amplitude Attack Time
19. MIDI D -> Amplitude Release Time
20. MIDI E -> Parameter 11 amount
21. MIDI F -> Parameter 12 amount
22. Pitch Wheel Sensitivity
23. Enable Sustain Pedal
24. Velocity Curve


  • The AUX envelope is set for both the Pitch Envelope and also the LFO fade time. So be careful