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Classical Music
"Classical Music" is boring. I agree. Some of them though definitely are not.

Check out these songs from the 'Romantic Era'. They are my favourites and they opened my ears to Classical Music. A music lover like you wouldn't let ignorance keep you from discovering real good music, would you?

  • Clair de Lune - Debusy
  • Gymnopedie No. 1 - Satie
  • Pavane for The Dead Princess - Ravel
  • The Swan - Saint Saen
  • Traumerei - Schumann
  • Un Sospiro - Liszt
  • Fantasia Impromptu - Chopin
  • Mars - Holzt
  • Morning from Peer Gynt - Grieg
  • Canon in D - Pachebel
  • Air on G String - Bach
  • Adagio for Strings - Barber
  • Problem: How do you know if you really like Music?
    Music of the world has been much contaminated since the birth of the music industry. Because it is an industry, their goal is to sell. A lot of brilliant marketing strategies are employed to sell you music that you don't even have to decide whether to like them by yourself.

    Imagine people's view of music 200 years ago and of today's idol stars' fans'. They are very different, aren't they? Regardless of music genres you like, let's proove ourselves how much we really like 'music' by trying these things.

    The Truth is Out There.
  • Do you mostly listen only to music with lyrics?
  • Do you find yourself singing along all the music you listen to more than,say, 60% of the time without much problem remembering lyrics?
  • Do you mostly listen to only music with certain type of mood? Rock Ballade only, HiNRG only, Vocal Power pop only, Death Hardcore only, etc.
  • Do you mostly refuse to listen to foreign music? Indian Ragga, Gamelan music, plain Scottish pipes or other traditional/ethnic music from foreign countries, etc.
  • Do you go to a club because of the music there alone? Is it other things that attract you more to go there? For example, people, how people dress, being exposed, dancing, drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, feeling to belong to some certain group or anything besides music.
  • Do you usually like music that is highed charted, liked by a lot of people, of mostly brand new artists, from Movies/TV shows/TV Commercials, associated with your family/loved one(s)/school/country/homeland, etc.?
  • Do you usually expect to hear certain things from certain artists you like?
  • Are you an MTV fan? Do you like watching Music VDOs? Do you like record labels' TV/Radio shows? (It is common in Thailand to produce shows just to sell your products.) Do you like following artist's news/rumours/interviews/attitudes?
  • Are you very serious about dressing? Is your dressing kind of like the people's who share your favourite type of music or having anything associated to some certain genre of music?
  • Do you like any music by anyone who you know almost nothing about? For example, some guy's midi files/MOD files you download from your favourite indie site, some legal mp3's at Dimension Music Site or some artists' songs at IUMA , etc.
  • I guess everyone is smart enough to know that I raised the questions above from the marketing point of view. Marketers actually study psychology and human behavior to come up with strategies to make you BUY. Do not get me wrong. I am not flaming marketing. Well, I even have a degree in business. I just believe too much in music and I don't want to see too many people (including myself) take it for something else as it is today (as opposed to hundred years ago, for instance.) Anyway now we should have some ideas about how much we really like 'music' itself and that would conclude my point in writing this page.